New Chapter at CS Select


With the start of the school year, we have started a new chapter here at CS Select. Officially a new beginning with our new look, a new web page (we are sure you like it as much as we do!) and our new logo, all redesigned for the occasion. Because we will not deny: we are very proud of having got this far, slowly but surely.

And because we have never done so officially, let us introduce ourselves and give you the chance to get to know us a little better via this blog. Our customers and friends already know who we are, and now it’s time for you to get to know us. Maybe you’ve got this far browsing the network to seek help in going to go to Germany to work, however maybe you do not know entirely what CS Select is and how we make this possible.


CS Select is dedicated in recruiting European candidates to work in companies across Germany and in other countries of the European Union, a company that specialises in recruitment for work abroad, however we are not just another human resources company. What sets us apart is our continuous attention to our candidates, our aid in the handling of CVs, documents and other bureaucratic nightmares that we save the candidates in doing, our advice and assistance throughout in finding accommodation and yes, this is a completely free service.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Our job is to help you, not to charge you. And why do we like to emphasize this? Because it would not be the first time that someone has asked us what do we charge for this help. Our answer to this question is: we charge zero for our service, our help is FREE. And another question we usually get asked is: How do we do this? Is it that we are a non-profit organisation? Well, not exactly. Like any other company, we don’t live in a dream world. So, how do we survive? Simple: with companies’ commissions to get them the qualified staff they need.

And since we have began this new era of transparency, beautiful website and good vibes we can only say that you should stick around, because we will continue posting curiosities you might want to know about our work and our day to day activities in our blog, as well as tips for selection processes and interviews, interesting things about German language and culture and much more. This is just the beginning. So in order not to miss any of our updates, we encourage you to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles. See you in the next post :)!

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