Human Resources consulting


We focus on the employment of qualified European personnel



If you are interested in finding work abroad, send us your C.V. in English and we‘ll look for you


Integral service from selection to incorporation and acclimatisation in the destination country

Excellent linguistic preparation in the home country as well as the host country

Translation of CVs, qualifications, references and other certificates

Ongoing welcome and help service from the company continuously

Personalised assessment and labour orientation according to the needs of the candidate

Help with the administrative formalities

Human Resources consulting

We are a Human Resources consulting agency which liaises between European professionals and companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries. Our company was founded to furnish European Companies with the best qualified employees, and provide employees with positions with a future within the European sphere. At present, we have a consolidated, stable relationship with renowned, prestigious companies which offer the opportunity to develop a professional career, and stable employment with economic prospects according to the circumstances of each individual.